High Quality and Affordable

Web Design Services

High Quality and Affordable

Web Design Services

Need a website? 

Get a responsive design with WordPress CMS.

FREE hosting included. 

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Why Do I Need a Website?

Doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, contractors, heck all professionals who work for themselves should create a website. It is a fact that 51% of the world’s population has access to the internet. Did you know, 8 out of 10 Americans shop online every month? E-commerce is a mainstream activity now.

You are no longer required to go to the mall for a pair of shoes unless you really want to. That is the reason famous brands are now focusing more on their company websites and closing so many of their brick and mortar locations. Starting a website is thousands of dollars cheaper than leasing office space or a storefront. A small fortune will be saved on expenses like the staff, security, and renovations.

Often times shopping online is cheaper than going to a physical establishment. Brick and mortars usually have higher operating costs and their prices tend to reflect those expenses. The internet has really leveled the playing field for small businesses on a budget. With the right web presence and some dedication, you can compete with the juggernauts of your industry.

Nowadays people are in a habit of performing a background check online before trusting something new. If you don’t have a website, a potential customer is more likely to go to your competitor who does, because having read about the company first gives them a sense of security. Giving potential customers the ability to find you via Google or Bing search is like lifting the floodgates. Watch the sales and leads pour in like rushing water!


Here’s What You Get When You Hire Us!


The colors, the style, and the theme, all will be designed in accordance with your brand’s identity. The corporate image you want to present to the world won’t be neglected.


Usability is imperative in web design. Your website not only has to look good, but it should also function seamlessly. Visitors should be able to navigate and find what they need quickly.

Search Engine Friendly

We make our client’s websites search engine friendly by utilizing the latest on-page optimization strategies. This allows search engines to easily crawl your web pages, read your content and index your website.

Responsive Web Design

Let’s be honest here, mobile devices rule the world. Who doesn’t own an iPhone, Kindle or Galaxy nowadays? This is the reason we build responsive websites capable of automatically adjusting to any screen size.


Your website has to be flawlessly fashioned, so it can display the same way each time it’s loaded in a different browser.

FAST Page Loading

We equip each website with cache clearing technology to guarantee fast page loading every time. Nothing irritates customers more than a website that takes an eternity to load. Google has specified page speed is one of the elements the algorithm uses to rank your site.

Best CMS On the Planet

WordPress is super user-friendly, and it doesn’t require you to know anything about coding or web design to update the content on your own.

reliable Support

Technical support is here when you need it. Don’t hesitate to contact us the minute you notice a problem with your website.


Websites Done

Repeat Customers


Satisfied Customers


Happy customers mean repeat business. We want to thank you for your support!

  • World Class Designer did an amazing job! You wouldn’t believe what some of the larger companies tried to charge me. – Richmond, VA

    Julie P.
  • Putting my landscaping website on the business cards was an absolute hit. Locals tell us it makes our brand look more professional. – Sumter, SC

    Carl T.
  • WorldClassDesigner did an exceptional job with the website for my mechanic shop. I get a lot of business from social media now. – Atlanta, GA

    Brian G.
  • Today, thanks to these guys, I have a responsively designed website for my hair salon. My clients can now book appointments online. – Decatur, GA

    Isabella A.
  • My experience with World Class Designer has been phenomenal. They included me in every step. Plus they gave me free web hosting. – Brooklyn, NY

    Jamar W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

The sensitive information you frequently share and expect to be safe online, really isn’t. In fact, your data is sent from one computer to another computer until it finally reaches the server. An SSL Certificate encrypts that data to protect your usernames, passwords, and credit card details from hackers and other computer criminals.

  • An unsecure domain starts like this: http://
  • A secure domain w/an SSL Certificate starts like this: https://
Why is hosting free of charge?

First, of all most web design companies are resellers for web hosting companies. Meaning, they get their hosting for cheap then sell it to you for a markup. Us on the other hand, we own a dedicated server with space to hold 10,000 plus, websites securely. If requested, we can migrate your site for free, but it may run slower and become a target for cyber threats on a less secure setup.

We also include free email hosting. You’ll save a whopping $72/year.

Do I own this website?

Full rights are automatically transferred to the client once they receive their login details.

Why do you use WordPress CMS?

WordPress is super user-friendly, and it doesn’t require you to know anything about coding or web design to update the content on your own. Their content management system or CMS is used by over 7 million websites, ranging from small to colossus, in every niche.

Can I hire you to revamp my website?

Yes, you can! If you decide 2 years from now or sooner, to completely change the look of your website, simply select your current package then fill out the order form. Or, If you are a new client pick the package that best fit the vision of your website redesign goals..

Can I execute simple edits on my own?

Yes, you can! That is why we create websites with WordPress. After the hard part is done, which is the actual design and development. Most of the editing process is type, upload and publish. Now, when it comes to messing with code, it’s important to understand that if you don’t know what you’re doing you will screw something up. If you need, further assistance doesn’t hesitate to contact us.

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